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Here are just some of the reasons to sign up as a contributor with DPP Motion:

  • You can register for free and start earning money on those video clips sitting at the bottom of your drawer!
  • We market our Africa, Asia and Middle East stock footage to the entire globe, so the sales reach is far and wide
  • We accept only high quality content from these regions, so you know your footage is with the best!
  • You can easily monitor your clip sales using our dedicated online contributor login page
  • Payment from clip sales can be made quarterly, straight to your account

Before we get started, please send your answers to these questions below, to contributor@dppmotion.com.

  • What camera format do you mostly shoot on? e.g. Canon C300...
  • When did you shoot this footage? e.g. 2013 or 2014... We prefer footage from 2010 onwards, unless archival, very rare or exceptional
  • Which locations do you cover? e.g. Jordan, Pakistan, Mali
  • Describe your content? e.g. landscape, people, lifestyle, nature
  • Do you own the rights to this footage? i.e. do you have signed location or model releases? If not, we can discuss this as some unreleased material could be editorial use only
  • How many clips do you have, roughly?
  • Is your footage stored as clips or is it raw footage? i.e. our clip lengths need to be between 8-30 seconds. We sell footage in ready clips, not as per second costing, mainly as Quicktime H.264 files or Prores422
  • Is your footage currently with any other library?
  • How often do you film footage?


If all goes well, the contracts are signed and you become an official DPP Motion contributor! You can register online at www.dppmotion.com, simply click on Register (top right) and on the Contributor box. We'll also give you details of our online contributor page that provides an up-to-date sales log of your footage, with a secure online login, so you can easily monitor your clip sale progress and get peace of mind.

In the meantime, we'll organise delivery of the footage to us, either on a hard drive or through our latest web technology that allows super fast footage file transfer online.

You'll also need to provide us with some basic information about your footage e.g. format, location, shot description etc, so we can better classify it online. Note: We can give you a list of popular categories as a helpful hint to the content that will sell well for you.

When all the footage and metadata are uploaded onto our system, we'll be ready to go! So send us your answers, any additional questions and also a link to your sample video material (e.g. Vimeo, YouTube), to contributor@dppmotion.com.

Note: only footage from Africa, Asia and the Middle East will be accepted.

We hope to have a great working relationship with you.


The DPP Motion Team